What is Chanderi?

Chanderi is a handloom fabric woven in Madhya Pradesh which has 15% silk and 85% cotton, though these fibre percentages may vary according to different fabric weights and constructions. Mostly suitable as summer and early winter textile.


How do we take care of Chanderis?

Chanderis are mostly advised for Dry clean, but also can be handwashed at home separately in cold water using mild detergents like Gentel, Eazee or liquid soaps.


Do we need linings for Chanderi suit sets?

Only Specific Chanderis woven at our design studio do not require any lining as they are designed to be thicker and more opaque than traditional Chanderi Textiles.


What are natural dyes?

These are dyes or colouring matter obtained from natural resources.A mordant is added onto the fabric before dyeing  for better fastness and colour fixation.To know more about natural dyes visit http://www.amaherbal.com/range_ndyes.html


When is your retail store closed?

Our retail store at Shop No.7, Archana Shopping Complex, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi - 110048. Working Hours are from Monday- Saturday - 11am to 8pm, Tuesday - 12pm to 6pm, Sunday - 11am - 7pm

How can we know about your shows in other cities?

Please register as a customer on our website and provide us your mobile number. Your number will be added in our invitee sms database, whenever we visit your city you will get a sms invite from us.You can also visit the News and Events section on our website to access this information.