ATEET ke Rang - Royal Ajrakhs

Azrakh is an Arabic word for indigo, a blue plant which thrived in the arid ecology of Kachchh. Ajrakh patterns use complex geometry to create starry constellations in indigo, madder, black, and white across lengths of cloth. The shapes and motifs of Ajrakh echo the architectural forms of Islamic architecture’s intricate jali windows and trefoil arches.

Nature plays an important role in the making of Ajrakh. The craftsmen work in total harmony with their environment, where the sun, river, animals, trees and mud are all part of its making. It is the synergy between handloom textiles and vegetable dyes that creates magic. Ajrakh printing, using natural dyes is one of the oldest techniques of resist printing in India and is one of the most complex and sophisticated methods of printing.
We present to you our interpretation of the craft infused with fresh value added techniques and amalgamated seamlessly with Chanderi and Silk handlooms creating a result of impeccable beauty. 

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